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The school’s PTA is currently planning its annual flagship fundraising event, The 10th Annual Blanton Fun Run to be held this year on April 27, 2018. SAVE THE DATE! You are more than welcome to watch and run with your Blanton Student!

This fundraiser consists of an all-day event that promotes physical activity and encourages school spirit in children, family members, staff and faculty of Blanton. The children in grades Kindergarten through 5th will walk/run for 20 minutes to raise money via individual donors. Each child, faculty member and all day volunteers will receive an event t-shirt and each student will receive a water bottle.

This is our primary fundraiser for the year, we do not sell candy, wrapping paper, etc. door to door. Please consider donating as money will directly benefit your student at Blanton Elementary! 

If every student collected: Blanton PTA would raise approx.:
                  $20                   $10,000
                  $25                   $12,500
                  $30                   $15,000
                  $40                   $20,000


Have your business support our Blanton Fun Run!

 Fun Run Class Run-Schedule

Come and cheer on your Blanton student in the rear of the school (park in the front)

Kindergarten 8:30-9:15

1st grade 9:20-10:05

2nd grade 10:10-10:55

3rd grade 11:00-11:45

4th grade 11:50-12:35

5th grade 12:40-1:25

All grades will gather outside for wrap-up & awards from 1:45-2:30


You can donate on-line to the Blanton Elementary Fun Run via these three links: Please ensure you click on the correct link, one for registered users of the website (parents/guardians), one for guests, and one for businesses/corporations.

Parent Donation Page 

(requires and active user log-in to Blanton PTA website)

Guest Donation Page


 And THANK YOU for your support of the Blanton Elementary PTA!